Tip for Photobucket Users

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Tip for Photobucket Users

Postby Rivertown » Wed May 20, 2009 2:22 pm

Tip for Photobucket users when posting photos to the forum:

Be sure to copy and paste the "IMG code" from the left hand side of the photobucket page where the image you want to display is located.

1. Go to photobucket page where picture is located.
2. Locate the Codes on the left of the page. Select the last one titled "IMG code."
3. Highlight and copy the code beside it.
4. Paste it into the "message body" of your forum posting.

As long as the code has the [img]tag%20at%20the%20beginning%20and%20the[/img] tag at the end of the link, it should show up. You don't have to add it again.

Hope that helps.
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post photos

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