Prop recommendations for new (old) '95 1900BR

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Re: Prop recommendations for new (old) '95 1900BR

Postby Shaun of the Dead » Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:49 am

Forgive the LONG, LONG delay in replying. It was a depressing "end of the summer" (more on that later).

We ended up buying that 14x19 Stiletto and when I received it, I saw it had been heavily machined on and had a pretty aggressive "cup" on it. So who knows what actual pitch it was. Either way, took it out on the lake and WOW!! I don't think I'll ever be able to just have a "bolt on" prop again. This thing blew us away in every area! Hole shot was amazing, cruise throttle was nice and low, low speed planing was impressive and we topped out at 45 with 3 adults and 3-4 little kids (prob 700-800lbs). I was as pleased as I was going to be. I was thrilled actually, because the best speed I had gotten out of the boat was 47mph with a 14x21 quicksilver, that was with me alone and the holeshot was HORRIBLE. It was like taking off in 3rd gear.

We we're so, so happy, until the stringer under the motor mount cracked and tore up the outdrive bushing. All of the sudden we hit another boats wake, we hopped a little bit, the engine revved up another thousand or so and we smelled burnt rubber. :(

We got bids to fix it and decided we just wanted to part with it, EVEN THOUGH we were really happy with it at this point. We over paid at $5,500 because the hull and interior was so incredibly beautiful, but never had it checked to find all of the hidden wood rot. NADA was around $4K and we couldn't see spending $5K on floors and stringers, $7K on floors, stringers and transom on a boat that (like buyfire said) we were already growing out of. I've been dying for a V8 anyway.

We found an awesome old guy who wanted a really clean project and he bought it for $2,700. Plus I sold the extra props that I had bought in a bundle for $100, for around $350, so made a few extra bucks there.

I opened another post under "general discussion" asking about a 237. If you're interested, check it out.

In the end, I am VERY GRATEFUL for all of the input in my quest that actually did get complete.......and then ended, lol.
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