Trailer Tires - Bearings - Mixing and Non-Radial Carlisles

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Trailer Tires - Bearings - Mixing and Non-Radial Carlisles

Postby Jax » Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:10 pm

See below for a post I made on another thread.

We have been dragging our boat around a lot more than normal this year. San Antonio to Caddo Lake, San Antonio to Lake Ouachita, etc. We have put more road miles on it this year in a shorter amount of time than any other. Consequently, we went through some tires and I learned a lot from my local tire dealer. In the past, we've lost tires on the road and on Sunday -- so I was left with Wal-Mart as my only option.

Before we went to Ouachita, my oldest tire was low and wouldn't hold air. I went by my local tire store where I knew I'd get some good advice.

Of course you aren't supposed to mix bias and radial tires, but turns out Carlisle makes a NON-RADIAL trailer tire that looks just like their radials. They've now rebranded them from just Trail to Radial Trail. The bias tires are the Sport Trail. I ended up putting a Goodyear Marathon across from a Sport Trail -- and eventually blew out the Marathon.

My tire guy recommended the Marathons. I was previously a Carlisle fan, so I asked him why. Answer was simple: They last longer -- time and mileage. He suggested not mixing the Carlisle radial with a Marathon radial on the same axle, even if they are both new. (Different enough that one of them is going to wear more than the other.) After 5000+ miles, I'm happy so far with the Marathons.

Also when I got the tires put on, he noticed that one wheel seemed a little loose. I repacked the bearings last year, and I didn't notice it. I took it to a trailer mechanic that does brakes, bearings, etc. He said it wasn't uncommon if you hit a rock (even at slow speed -- shore launching at Medina Lake, for example) or had a blow out at high speed. He repacked it and reseated the bearing and good to go.


Jax wrote:I've had just the opposite experience as Dan with Marathons, but mine sit more and don't travel as far or as often as it sounds Dan is going.

I have owned three (bought the third one because that's all Walmart had on a Sunday). Both blew out at less than 1 year and next one less than 2 years and VERY low miles. Carlisles have lasted until they were just worn out (and then some). 3 out of 4 are original. So in 5 years, I've gone through 1 Carlisle, which was still holding air, but scalloped. In the last year, I've blown two Marathons.

Although I never lost any Marathons on the old travel trailer, they didn't last as long as the Carlisles -- which I think take lack of use much better than Marathons.

So maybe your use matters.

Also ditto on the covers someone else mentioned. Anything to keep the sun off them.
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