What she weigh? (207 FS & 196 FS)

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What she weigh? (207 FS & 196 FS)

Postby msbendts » Sun Mar 11, 2012 3:47 pm

I'm shopping for a used boat, and trying to get a feel for weight...

I'm liking the 2009 196 BR/FS models...I've saved a PDF of the Caravelle 2009 line up, and it states that model is 2700 lbs (same weight as the 186 line). Guessing another 1000 lbs for the trailer, plus gear & gas...close to 4000 lbs??

I really like the layout of the series boats with the L-bench...same 2009 PDF shows it at 3200 lbs...so adding it all up and close to 4500lbs?

I've been zeroing in on 2004-2008 207 models on the open market, so what I'm curious about is what the baby weighs...



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Postby twindaddy63 » Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:09 pm

My 217LS goes across the scales at over 5000 with trailer, gas and gear--a lot over when I am packing for a week. My Titan doesn't even know its back there, but that is the full sized Nissan frame. Your Murano is on the Frontier frame, I believe. You should get along fine with the 196 as long as the trips are not too long or hilly. The main concern is not the pulling power but the weight ratio, wheelbase of the tow vehicle and the suspension. A golf ball pulling a bowling ball is going to go where the bowling ball wants to go.
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