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Postby John and Gail » Wed Jan 24, 2018 2:12 pm

Just purchased a 2005 16ft cc key largo. Very clean, runs like a top! Scuppers need replacing. Took out this week on a calm lake, took on water in transom deck. No water in bildge. Scuppers seem to be right at waterline when boat is at rest. We have a 50hp 2 stroke Yamaha. Previous owner kept the plugs in when running due to the need for outside scuppers to be replaced. We did the same but still got water intrusion. Probably need to replace scuppers and plugs? Any ideas?
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Re: Scuppers

Postby Scoots » Fri Jan 26, 2018 5:36 pm

Yeah, sounds like there not doing their job. First check to make sure theres no obstructions, run as high a pressurized water or air as you can through the passages, preferably backwards towards the inside but only if your able to physically open the scuppers. If not you can damage them if there in working order because they arent designed for a lot of pressure in reverse, just flow. I have seen boats that sit uncovered have sticks and all manner of crap hold the scupper flaps open. If you can verify there clear and just too weak to seal when water tries to enter then replacement is in order. I would measure best you can and then contact Iboats, Overtons, WestMarine, etc. They have a lot of people on staff to help you.
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