Transom accessory service mount holes leaks

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Transom accessory service mount holes leaks

Postby GaryH » Fri Sep 16, 2016 5:10 pm

About my trailered 2002 188 runabout boat... And I've only had this boat in the water for about 4 to 5 hours every couple weeks during summer and never saw any accumulation of water under the engine except when it sat in a boat slip for 5 hours one afternoon as I did some trailer maintenance.

A previous owner only used silicon to anchor some screws on the speedometer sensor which must have been repaired once. I've replaced the speedometer with a GPS version already, but when prepping the transom for a new Lowrance Totalscan sonar I discovered these silicone filled holes that were the full depth of the transom fiberglass/wood and upon removing the silicon, water came streaming out. I ran a drill bit by hand through the hole to remove debris and allowed it to drip dry for about 30 minutes. I sealed the holes with injected epoxy. Then the area/holes was covered with an epoxied transom accessory mount plate called Stern Saver, similar to cutting board polyethylene.

Should that be sufficient to allow the transom on this trailered boat to dry out on its own over time assuming it has no new access to water?

I've tested the boat and it no longer is taking on water during a three day marina slip visit. I dont know if the water came from under the engine or from inside the transom, but I dont think these holes are high enough to penetrate the engine area, they were right at the bottom of the fiberglass and not higher than 2 inches, in the normal speedometer spot. I will see if I have a photo somewhere.
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Re: Transom accessory service mount holes leaks

Postby m_snow » Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:32 pm

Good news is you probably fixed it well. Bad news is it probably still has moisture in the transom and wood rot will accelerate. Back to good news, the Stern Saver may work!
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