New carpet + wood sealer question

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New carpet + wood sealer question

Postby pilotmike » Sat Mar 19, 2016 5:18 pm

So big project on the 232 this winter. Removed the seats and carpet. Also replacing the sun deck vynal. First , the original carpet came out without an issue.,

The good news is, the decking on the boat looks really good. I see no rot anywhere on the deck. Even after 15 years of heavy use. After removing the carpet, I started stripping the glue off of the deck, I noticed that I took some of the finish off of the wood and it looks like I've gone down to bare wood in a couple of spots. My question is, should I try to seal these bare spots of wood? If so what would you use? I assume that Caravel used marine grade plywood when building these boats. Would ir still be good all the way through the finish.

Secondly, The carpet down the side walls were poorly glued, looks like it was sprayed, and didn't use a trowel. What have you done for the side walls? If so what did you use? For the carpet I am using Weldwood Marine carpet adhesive by DAP, and using a 20 ounce marine carpet by Capri flooring.

The plan IS to use the original pedestals and buy new Attwood bolster seats to go into the boat. The sundeck will be reworked by JDs upholstery here in Nashville. To redo the sundeck is going to cost approximately $900. They wanted $1300 to replace the carpet but it looks like I'm going to get the job done for less than 500 DIY.

I've tried calling Caravelle to see if I could purchase original seats but they never would answer the phone. So it looks like I'm going to an offbrand or Attwood products.

Any answers, questions, comments, all welcome

Thanks guys .
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