Paid Advertising Ideas

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Paid Advertising Ideas

Postby Jax » Tue May 08, 2012 11:56 am

:idea: I checked with a friend in BHM that is a technical genious, and runs/admins a couple of non-profit forums.

They have a section for paid ads. The seller/vendor buys an ad via paypal. They get one message per ad, and he as the admin posts the message. Their rate is cheaper if users can respond to the message (reviews) or a little more if is posted and locked (so nobody can respond).

He said the savvy advertisers allow the reviews. Each review bumps the ad back to the top. They use a photobucket or picasaweb photo in the ad. This way if they update the photo, the ad gets updated.

They also get a discount if they sign up for a recurring ad. I guess PayPal will do this now. Kind of like a subscription.

Their "classified" section is for users only. "Sponsors" are paid ads.

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