New Member Approvals - Please Read

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New Member Approvals - Please Read

Postby Rivertown » Wed Mar 19, 2008 8:54 pm

Update 9/19 pm

The site is up but we are currently having an issue with membership approvals. If you are a guest here and decide to register, you will receive an email saying that your account will need approval from the administrator and that you will receive an email once you are approved. The problem is right now, is that you will be approved, however, you will not recieve that email. Until that is resolved, you will just need to check back, login and see if you can post. If you can post, then are you approved and set to go. If you can't post, then your request is still pending approval. We try to check daily for new member requests, sometimes it may take a day or two, but usually it is the same day. Again, pardon the inconveniences until we can get everything back 100%.
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