Attention Guests - List "boating or Caravelle" in

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Attention Guests - List "boating or Caravelle" in

Postby Rivertown » Tue Aug 21, 2007 5:10 pm

Attention Guests to the Site,

If you would like to become a member, please complete the "interests" section of your registration with something like "boating or caravelle." All registrations are manually approved, so if you do not indicate something related to this forum as an interest, you may be misidentified as spam and not be approved. Also, list your location if you will. Sometimes it is very hard to tell spam from reality with just an id and an email address.

If you have registered but have not gotten approval, please check the registration page to see if your name is still there. If it is not, then you were probably accidently removed. Please re-register and include enough info so you can be identified as a legitimate person. Sometimes it can take a day or two for the approval to go through so give it a couple of days.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Those who have been here awhile can appreciate the better spam control we have now, even though it is a little inconvenient for new members to wait for manual approval.

Thanks!!! And We WELCOME YOU! :-)
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