Thru Hull Fittings, Leaking Scuppers

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Thru Hull Fittings, Leaking Scuppers

Postby maxthrottle » Mon Sep 29, 2014 2:03 pm

I believe I have found the reason why my fuel tank rotted from the outside in.
The fuel tank bunk was holding a few inches of water, until it was at a level high enough to kick on the bilge pump... but where was the water coming from?
Salt Water was leaking from the crappy hose attached to the plastic deck scuppers into the bilge and since the scuppers and screws were not sealed at the deck, some rainwater on the deck was able to leak into the bilge.
This was the source of the water and caused a continually wet bilge. I replaced the original PLASTIC UNDERWATER Thru Hulls with 316 Stainless Steel fittings and the 11" stiff 15 year old hose 1 1/2" inch hose with a quality braided exhaust hose and (2) 18-8 clamps. Brand new deck scuppers that were gooped with 4200 at the deck. The result is no more water leaks and an extremely dry bilge, and my new fuel tank stays nice and dry.
If you have a Seahawk you will want to check your scuppers, hoses, clamps, and thru-hull fittings right away
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