Caravelle 280 Fish Halk Yamaha Engine Intake Torque

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Caravelle 280 Fish Halk Yamaha Engine Intake Torque

Postby covers42 » Mon Nov 22, 2010 9:39 am

I have twin 2003 225 HP Yamaha 4-strokes on the back of by 280. Odd thing was one engine had trouble going back to idle after it warmed up and oscillated up in down in RPM. Finally figured out it may be the themostat and found one stuck completely open.

In the process of needing to replace the thermostats I had to pull the intake to get them out. I bought two seperate manuals and cannot find the torque value for the intake. I also asked one of the local service centers with no luck.

Anyone work on these engines before and come across a torque value for the intake? Boths are m8.
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