Windshield Help 99 Interceptor Cuddy

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Windshield Help 99 Interceptor Cuddy

Postby Harperhogue1 » Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:18 pm

I was wondering if anyone on here owns a 99 Interceptor that could provide a part number off their boat. The curved section of windshield on my starboard (steering) side is destroyed. Frame is good. It is a Taylor Made glass. I've called both Caravelle and Taylor Made. Caravelle can't give me the part number to give to Taylor Made, due to the loss of records during the sale of company. My only option at this point is to take the frame off and send it to them. Would really like to avoid doing that. So if anyone on here could go out & look at their boat & pass along that information to me I would forever be in your debt. Heck I'll even mail you a gift card or something. Or of course if anyone might happen to know where to find the glass part number elsewhere that would be helpful as well. Thanks in advance for any input!
- Harper :hammer:
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