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Postby Rivertown » Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:02 pm

Be sure to notice the Polls Forum section now listed under the "General Discussions" category on the home page. A couple of older polls have been re-started.

Currently, members can setup customized polls there.

Note:You must be logged in to see the Polls Forum.

To set up a basic poll: Simply type your question in the Subject area and again in the text area and submit.

To set up a poll with set answers or "votes" (similar to the "Where are you Located" poll): Follow instructions for setting up a basic poll above PLUS scroll down and select the tab "Poll Creation". Type your Poll Question and then list the answer options in the box "Poll Options" (on separate lines) - they will appear as "select buttons" for the poll. You can preview your poll and then click submit when you are ready to post the poll.
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